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Sea Glass Workshops a Hit! 

Ocean Point artist, Kim Kruger held two very successful sea glass workshops at OPI under our Just for Kids” program.
There were lots  of happy faces and the kids turned out some beautiful pieces of art to take home and treasure. We look forward to hosting more sea glass workshops by Kim next season!

Ocean Point Hosts First Annual Salt Water Fishing Derby for Kids

The Card Cove Association of Ocean Point hosted their first Salt Water Youth Fishing Derby on Saturday, Aug. 14. The derby was organized by Captain Ben Kaler of Mainetain Charters, CCA President Peter Newell, and a host of volunteers.

Captain Ben Kaler said, “I saw the derby as an opportunity to bring the boating community together with the passion for fishing I have seen at the dock while running, my business, Mainetain Charters. The event just made sense and filled up fast!”

The event drew 31 kids who were geared up to catch the winning mackerel, pollock, and striper for pictures and release. Eight volunteer skippers donated their time and their boats to take the kids on the four-hour fishing trip. Following the tournament, the kids, the skippers, and their families were treated to lunch by Ocean Point Inn.

Peter Newell, CCA president, said “The Card Cove Association was extremely pleased with the success of its first Saltwater Youth Fishing Derby. Captain Ben Kaler of Mainetain Charters proposed the derby and was instrumental in setting it up and running it. Tony Krason of the Ocean Point Inn was very generous in providing an oceanside cookout for all participants. CCA is a not-for-profit corporation, established in 2005 with the objective of building and maintaining The Ocean Point Community Dock. Funding is provided by its 57 founding members’ investments and dues, as well as community support through contributions. This Saltwater Youth Fishing Derby was considered consistent with one of the Card Cove Association’s goals of making boating and fishing opportunities available to the youth of Ocean Point.”

Awards winners included: Boat Results: Combined length of largest and shortest fish submitted 1st Place Stephanie Kaler; 2nd Place Ben Kaler; 3rd Place Matt Robbins. Individual Winners: 1st Place Striper: Liam Robbins, 26”; 1st Place Pollock: James Rush, 12.5”; 1st Place Mackerel: Zach Arnpriester and Owen Dawson (tie) 10.75”

Special thanks to the volunteer skippers and mates: Ben Kaler and Mate Luc Wells; Matt Robbins and Mate Jack Kaler; Greg Arnpriester and Mate Zach Arnpriester; Charlie Pohl and Mate Maryellen Bertrand; Rob Driscoll and Mate Jefferson Driscol; Jack Libby and Mate Sarah Kern; Jim Hickey and Mate Owen Dawson; Stephanie Kaler and Mate Maureen Driscol. Dock Master: Peter Newell Fish Judges: George Yerrall; Jeff Slayton Marketing and Registration support: Ann Smith; Sue and Paul Taylor

Support for the Event: Card Cove Association for supporting the idea and promotion; Tony Krason and Ocean Point Inn for the lunch and location; Grover’s Hardware for discounted tackle; Steve Dubois and family who in lieu of boat supported with a donation for winning boat with gift certificates to Carriage House; John Kern – prize donation of fly rod and reel.