About Ocean Point Inn & Resort

Since 1898 ~ present

Founded in 1898 by Capt. Edward Burnham, the Inn started with 20 rooms and a 40-seat dining room. The Main House and Annex (today’s Inn and Lodge) offered “rooms with electric lights and access to public bathrooms”. For a number of years the Main House itself was the Ocean Point General Store and Post Office. Guests would journey to Ocean Point by steamship, train, taxi or motor car over log roads.

When the R.W. Burnham family ran the Inn, it was known as the “Pleasant View House” (pictured above 1908).

In 1946 Capt. Warren and Mrs. Mattie Barnes of Winchester, MA discovered Ocean Point while sailing along the Maine coast.  They were captivated like many of the summer residents and guests by the property’s spectacular scenery and charm. Nowhere on the coast had they seen such a dramatic open ocean setting with the view of spruce clad islands, the rugged rocky coastline and the brilliant sunsets of this western exposure.

Later that year they purchased the Pleasant View House giving it a new name – “The Ocean Point Inn.” As new proprietors, they planned to expand the property and offer its charm to more people. Throughout the years, the Barnes continued to remain mindful of what first caught their imagination – the inspirational ocean view and unspoiled natural scenery. Accordingly they weaved their Inn into the fabric of this peaceful, seaside environment and Boothbay’s historic fishing and ship building region.

In 1985, the Barnes handed over the ownership of the Inn to long time employees David Dudley (1947- 2020 ), Mark Sweetland, and Tony Krason. Filled with the same spirit that captivated the Barnes’ many years earlier, Mark, Tony and David have endeavored to continue the tradition of adapting the property to the times, their guest’s ever-changing needs and preserving nature’s gift, precious Ocean Point.

In 2010, Tony, Mark and David began marketing the Inn as the “Ocean Point Inn and Resort,”.   To this day, the Inn offers the largest pool in the Boothbay Region with an outdoor pool and spacious grounds for exploring. Many of our guests return each year to enjoy our exceptional ocean views, our non-commercial setting, and the warm and friendly hospitality so characteristic of the Inn and summers on the Point.